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Just joined. So far so good. Let's start this off good! I read in a message board about Doug Christie and his wife and her having the man on lockdown. http://www.ebonylove.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=8361

I'm sorry, it's nice that they've been married 8 years, but I couldn't deal with that. That woman is just too controlling for me.
What do you guys think? And ladies, if you're reading this chime in too...
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Omg, that's so sad. She tells him that he looks to sad at games and instantly he perks up. The lady owns him. He's an automaton. My father tells me never to chase after a girl, only then will she be able to run you. But then sometimes i've heard that you have </b< to chase after them to get what you want.Fellas, tell me how that all balances out. I'm sure one of us has game that he can share with the rest of the guys.
Wow. Yikes. At first I was just happy to see that Doug Christie is married to a Black woman. And it all sounded cute at first. But about a third of the way through the article I just got a pit in my stomach. They're not so much operating out of love as insecurity and fear.

As a "female reporter" I can tell you that nobody's in the locker room trying to get some. They're doing their jobs and trying to make deadline and *not* thinking about Doug Christie and his wife. She should really get a life or a hobby or something...
lol that was me too. I was like aww they are sweet then I was like WTF? The girl couldn't touch him.....sounds like she is paranoid
damn. My post got cut off. As I was saying, I've heard in order to get anywhere with a lady, you might have to do some chasing. Will someone clarify that for me.
I don't think guys always have to chase at all. In my situation, he didn't chase me one bit, but he did make his prescence known in a positive way. I was beyond impressed by the fact that he waited so long, and that he didn't mind waiting at all because we got to know each other much better.
They are sickening. At some point, he's going to snap - and I pity her when he does. When I first heard about this I figured she was really insecure - well, she IS insecure but she's attractive so I don't know what she's so worried about.

I bet she peed in his food or something, lol, put roots on him!