Courtney (halcyongirl) wrote in forthabruthas,

Sensitive topic, let's treat it with respect...

I'm a biracial (black and white) woman. On a past date, my male white boyfriend was "shouldered" by an African American man as we left the theater. He didnt know either one of us...and sometimes when I go out, my dates and I are stared at and I've heard several insults made under breath.

Now if I like this person, and they are good to me, what beef would someone else have with him based on the color of his skin? I've never had a white, Asian or Hispanic person act this way when I've been out with a black man.

So can anyone explain:
a. the motivation behind this behavior
b. how to stop it without getting in somebody's face
c. why I should be forced - by intimidation - to stick to "my kind"
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