Leeshi (always_eponine) wrote in forthabruthas,

I want your opinion!


My name is Alicia and I'm doing a survey on racial slang and education for my Sociology class at Penn State. I need your help.

I've opened up the survey to many Penn State students, but most of the respondants are white. While I appreciate their help with the survey, I feel that the opinion of black men and women (as well as other minorities) on this topic is being severely under-represented. I've been putting up messages in all types of lj communities trying to gain a more diverse response.

The survey is far from perfect, but with the answers I'm collecting (along with research) I should be able to write a well-put-together paper on the topic.

Please make your opinions heard by spending 2-5 minutes at: www.survelum.com/Alicia

I apoligize in advance for any errors or any questions that you may feel don't pertain to you. Feel free to respond to this post with any mistakes you find.

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